Meet Our Staff

  • Melissa

Melissa is the charming and friendly Front Office Administrator at State Family Dental.  You can expect to speak with her when you call our office and when you come in to see us.  Melissa is an expert at helping patients to make the most of their insurance benefits, while helping create financial plans for those without insurance so that their dental needs can be met.

“Melissa is amazingly conscientious and ethical.  She embraces the values for patient care which are so vital at State Family Dental.  Melissa cares deeply for everyone from our patients to our staff to her own friends and family; she is a truly compassionate individual.”  – Dr. Jeong

In her spare time, Melissa likes to spend time with her family and running errands with her dogs.  She recently moved in to her new place with her fiance so she wants to cherish every moment with her loved ones.  She looks forward to spending her evening with her fiance who makes her laugh every day.  Melissa enjoys outdoor activities, listening to music and various arts and crafts.


  • Shirley

Shirley is our energetic and hard-working dental assistant.  She has been assisting Dr. Jeong since 2011. She plays a critical role in assisting Dr. Jeong, monitoring patient follow-up and record keeping, maintaining a sterile environment for treatment, and providing chair-side service.  Shirley is always the first one to come in the morning because she loves being a dental assistant!

“Shirley has a fresh passion and enthusiasm for her career as a dental assistant.  She is also above and beyond organized, a skill which cannot be undervalued in dentistry.  Shirley and I, together we make a perfect back office team.” – Dr. Jeong

In her spare time, Shirley enjoys going to the movies, reading good books and window shopping.  She loves to spend time with her dog (Chihuahua) and devotes time whenever possible for her family as well.